About Us

Whether you’re stuck on the subway, standing at the back of a long line, waiting on late friends, ignoring a boring class or avoiding an awkward silence, Toga Pit has the solution: fresh, fun and funny (nay, hilarious!) iPhone applications to make long minutes feel like mere seconds. Ambitious, tenacious and hilarious,Toga Pit’s three 25-year old founders are not only graduates of Canada’s number-one Computer Sciences program at the University of Waterloo, but they’re also close friends who’re able to channel their humour into every application they produce. Simple and satirical, engaging and irreverent, Chris Noble, Patrick Weekes and Andrew Drebit invite you in on their inside jokes, producing applications that invariably produce laughs. …Read More

Chris Noble As Toga Pit's CEO, Chris Noble brings it all together-from idea to execution. He ensures that business runs like a ... Read More

Andrew Drebit A self-proclaimed nerd-from-youth, Andrew grew up with computer dreams, always excited by new platforms and games ... Read More

Patrick Weekes
As Toga Pit's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Patrick spends long days at the computer, with his C++ reference ... Read More