Andrew Drebit
A self-proclaimed nerd-from-youth, Andrew grew up with computer dreams, always excited by new platforms and games that challenged the norm, like Deus Ex and Fable. He grew up idolizing early industry pioneers like Warren Spector and Peter Molyneux, and from a young age aspired to do the same.

Andrew honed his computer craft at Waterloo University, achieving his BMath from one of Canada’s leading Computer Science programs, and later worked on Skate 2 for EA Games, a world leader in video game production. With coffee or a bottle of beer always in hand (and, depending on the day, perhaps both), Andrew brings to Toga Pit the daring dedication to push boundaries and introduce new experiences to the iPhone world.

From games to movies to music, Andrew is a connoisseur of the arts. And he appreciates the classics, from the 1990’s Shaq Diesel album to his library of lesser-known Schwarzenegger films (Junior, Twins and “the seminal” Kindergarten Cop). Most often, though, Andrew listens to old school funk as he designs, particularly P-Funk and Gil Scott Heron, and Andrew infuses that funk in the projects he works on.

As Toga Pit’s mascot, Andrew is further responsible for slapping his teammates in the head when he disagrees with them. Though he neither cheers nor makes any effort to actually boost morale, it’s exactly his kind of sarcastic, sardonic humour that keeps the rest of the office laughing.