Patrick Weekes
As Toga Pit’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Patrick spends long days at the computer, with his C++ reference book close within reach. Patrick graduated from the University of Waterloo’s prestigious Computer Science program and soon after earned a position creating 3D software animation for Autodesk, an innovative industry leader in creative digital programming. With his expertise in 3D animation, Patrick is nostalgic for the two-dimensional favourites of his childhood.

Though the graphics are almost laughable, Patrick appreciates the subtle simplicity of Uniracers and NHL 94. And he’s really good at Contra. When he’s not on the computer or longing for games of old, Patrick keeps his hands busy. He plays classical and blues on the guitar (which is always within reach), and can solve a Rubik’s Cube (also always within reach) in what most would consider an impressive time (3 minutes!). Amazingly, Patrick’s fingers never tire, and he spends long hours fine-tuning his projects.

If you ask him the secret to his success, he’ll lean in and tell you: it takes three minutes to take all the stickers off the Rubik’s Cube and put them back on in the correct order (but we all know he really did it).