"iTMF provides a very slick and ridiculously bewildering array of mischief-making tools. Verdict: 5/5"

"I am going to have some fun with this!" -

"It looks much more realistic than other apps that do much of the same thing, and the results are pretty giggle-worthy." -

"Absolute genius! This is my new favourite app! 5 Stars!" -

Reach Out and iTouch Someone TODAY!

Have you ever wished you could control your friends? Have you ever wanted to see something outrageous or incredible but you knew it could never happen? Have you ever just wanted to perfect those dance moves you saw on TV last night? Now you can bring all your daydreams to life with iTouch My Friends!

Make video shorts of almost anyone doing pretty much anything: Make a baby do karate; see your uncle dance like a pop star; throw a shoe at your teacher; make your best friend fart! Anything is possible, be as creative or as devious as you want!

When you're done, push the upload button and share your creation with the world!


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  • make your friends embarrass themselves, we can't stress this enough!
  • use ANYone as actors in your movies
  • use pre-made movies like the soldier dance and rock star -- just choose which friend to insert!
  • dress your friends up in over 15 different costumes
  • use over 50 different props
  • bring your movie to life with over 20 effects like explosions and stink lines
  • add over 80 different sound effects, or record your own ???
  • set your scene with over 30 included backgrounds
  • make your own props and backgrounds from any picture!
  • upload your video to Youtube™, Facebook™, and Twitter™ right from within the app
  • watch any video on Youtube™ made by iTouchMyFriends without ever leaving the app
  • download new props, costumes, effects, sounds and backgrounds as we make them
  • do all this on both the iPhone and iPod touch!
Toga PitSo, hurry and download iTouch My Friends on iTunes. The faster you go download it, the faster you can start making funny videos of your friends or whatever else you put your mind to. Supporting both the iPhone and iPod Touch at the low price of $1.99, go and check out what everyone is talking about!