Introducing iTouch My Friends

Posted by Chris Noble January - 6 - 2010 - Wednesday

iTouchMyFriends empowers you with the unique opportunity to digitally touch–tease, embarrass, exaggerate, expose–your friends (and enemies) on Facebookâ„¢, Youtubeâ„¢ or Twitterâ„¢, all with the iPhone as your only weapon!

Using any picture, the possibilities are endless

  • Make your friends embarrass themselves
  • Use a celebrity and create your own viral video!
  • Impress your girlfriend by posting a video of her passing wind on YouTube!

Upload your video to any of the popular networking sites!

  • Facebook – show off your iTouch My Friends videos to all of your friends
  • YouTube - show the world what you made!
  • Twitter – tweet your video to all of your followers!
  • Best of all, you can do this all with a couple of clicks within the app!

Bring the movie to life with all we have to offer

  • Effects like explosions…come on, you know you have always wanted to blow someone up!
  • Sound effects like farts (farts are funny, I don’t care who you are) or make your own.
  • Props bring the movie to life. With over 45 props, the possibilities are endless!

Backgrounds make the movie!

  • Haven’t you always wanted to see a friend dance on a beach in Maui?
  • Make a celebrity do some back flips or hit themselves in the face in front of the White House.
  • Have a person you absolutely despise vomit in a bar, and share it with the world!

We cannot forget about the bundled movies.

  • Use the pre-made movies like the soldier dance…the President doing the soldier dance? Ya you can make that happen!
  • Easily place your friend in the movie
  • Make other people dance that you couldn’t imagine dancing…Rosie O’Donnell dancing? Ha!
  • Use your own imagination and make your own movies…you have the power!

So, hurry and download “iTouch My Friends” on iTunes. The faster you go download it, the faster you can start making funny videos of your friends or whatever else you put your mind to. Supporting both the iPhone and iPod Touch at the low price of $0.99, go and check out what everyone is talking about!

About Toga Pit

Whether you’re stuck on the subway, standing at the back of a long line, waiting on late friends, ignoring a boring class or avoiding an awkward silence, Toga Pit has the solution: fresh, fun and funny (nay, hilarious!) iPhone applications to make long minutes feel like mere seconds. Ambitious, tenacious and hilarious, Toga Pit’s three 25-year old founders are not only graduates of Canada’s number-one Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo, but they’re also close friends who’re able to channel their humour into every application they produce. Simple and satirical, engaging and irreverent, Chris Noble, Patrick Weekes and Andrew Drebit invite you in on their inside jokes, producing applications that invariably produce laughs.

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