iPhone Survives 2 Months of Being Frozen

Posted by Chris Noble February - 26 - 2010 - Friday

miracleiphoneShortly before our submission of iTouch My Friends, Andrew and I were out ice fishing (very Canadian thing to do). On our way home I discovered that my precious iPhone was missing from my pocket. In a confused state, I quickly checked the truck. After not finding it, I went back to our ice fishing spot (not really that good of a spot, no fish were caught that night) and looked frantically for the iPhone. No luck. I was in panic mode when I got home. I went back to the spot later on that night, but to no avail. My iPhone was officially gone.

I borrowed an old phone from a friend that I think they may have inherited from their great-grandfather. It did it’s job as a phone, but not much more. Texting was a pain (what the hell is T9?), and the phone had absolutely no apps. Anyhow, I got used the fact that I was a lesser human being.

Last night, my luck changed. After moving my ice hut, I looked down and saw my precious iPhone. It was there in the snow, frozen since I lost it two months prior. I quickly threw it into a bag of rice and placed it under a lamp to defrost. Three hours later I plugged it in. I wasn’t expecting much. I mean, really, it had been frozen in snow for the last two months! To my surprise, the phone displayed the low battery message. I thought, “This can’t be right. Something isn’t going to work.” Then the Apple logo popped up. I was pumped! I put in the SIM card and voila, my iPhone was back!!!! My apps, my contacts, my music and more importantly my life were back.

This poor iPhone has been through the dumps: It has fallen into a cup of coffee, it decided to take a swim in the toilet, and now it has survived a Canadian winter outside. Really what other phone has been through that much pain and suffering?

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12 Responses to “iPhone Survives 2 Months of Being Frozen”

  1. Elliot says:

    I was pumping gas into my car and I left my blackberry curve on the roof in its “gelly”. It took a while for it to fall off, but my mom heard it and wondered what it was. I soon realized that it was my phone.

    We turned around, which took a while seeing that it was on a huge overpass, i wondered if i could salvage my 1g SD. Luckily, I got out of the car on the return trip to find my blackberry stripped of its back cover and jelly…but On…it never lost the signal from Tmobile.

  2. _narf says:

    I used to have a rubber-coated phone, completely indestructible. To demonstrate, I would drop-kick it against a wall. Good fun. Too bad AT&T made me switch to one of their new models. No more rubber coating. No more drop-kicking. Sigh.

  3. Jamus says:

    My Nokia phone has survived being dropped repeatedly, but yours definitely has gone through much harsher conditions!

  4. Ash says:

    I have dropped my Nokia N70 in a pool of muddy slushy water, I once dropped it next to a fireplace by mistake and also left it in the rain once after having a cup of coffee on the porch.. but this cute little bugger hasnt left my side since ages and it works awesome!!.

  5. Alyson says:

    I had an old nokia phone that fell out of my pocket while I was climbing. I was up at least 200 feet so my first thought was “Well add going to the phone store on my to-do list. However when I got down, the phone had been saved by a wayward bush and it was still fully working….it must have had a heck of a ride down though.

  6. Chris says:

    I too had an old Nokia phone that fell out of my back pocket while I was rock climbing once. I was also at least 200 feet up and my phone fell on to some rocks making the casing fall to bits. It all went back together okay though! Does this happen to lots of people?

  7. GSYoungblood says:

    A long time ago I had a friend that left his Motorola 8000 (?) brick on the bumper of his truck. He was driving down the freeway and looked in his mirror in time to see the phone bouncing down the highway. He stopped and went back to find the phone. The phone had been run over, there was a tire track on the side, lots and lots of dings and scratches, and the battery had been crushed and in pieces. He didn’t think it would work, but he grabbed his spare battery and voila! It powered on and worked just fine. Only casualty was the battery.

    Another friend left his NEC P900 on his car and drove off. By the time he found it was in pieces, the case was cracked, screen was cracked, and battery gone. He put a new battery in and it acted like it turned on, but he couldn’t tell on the screen. The keyboard was broken so most of the keys didn’t work, but he got a call and was able to answer it.

  8. Jim Hutto says:

    I have worked with cell phones Sept 3rd 2001 and I have had a bunch of phones since then. I also am a avid water sportsman. In 2003 I had a Nokia 3390 and I wasn’t thinking when I decided to go wave running for a few hours. As a rule I never took my phone with me if I went wave running. But this day I forgot my board shorts so I just jumped on, I put my wallet and keys in the front compartment and went. After being on the water for the better part of 3 hours I call it a day pull my wave runner on my dock and go home. I got home and start to change and felt this lump in my pocket. Lo and behold it was my Nokia. Wetter then a skunk in a rain storm. I dry it out by putting it in the hot Florida sun in the hopes it would still work. After 6 hours drying and put a spare battery in and viola! It still worked. And in 2005 I went to Nextel and got the i580, Absolutely the best phone I have ever bought, water resistant, virtually bullet proof solid. This phone has gone through hell and back. It has been ran over, dropped 12 stories been drowned, and even fell off the roof of my truck going 50 MPH. The only casualty is the rubber that is around the shell and 1 battery door. I love this phone

  9. ksenia says:

    I had Nokia 6250 in 2002. It was a rubber coated, magnesium protected, water and shockproof version of old 6210. It was the last phone build to military spec from major manufacturer. 8 years later you can still buy one on ebay – factory refurbished, like new – for the small price of 150 USD. Wow.

  10. John Greenwood. says:

    During a boat trip with a friend I dived overboard for a swim forgetting I had my Nokia 6310i phone in my pocket. After swimming for about 15 minutes in the sea I realised I had my phone in my pocket. Later after removing the battery and washing it in in clean tap water and leaving it to dry it once again worked and has done now for at least 4 years after that event.

  11. awraynor says:

    Accidentally immersed my VX6800 in a glass of sweet tea. Still working 3 years later.

  12. Oskar says:

    I have had my brand new Android G1 for one week, when I visited Stockholm last year.

    While walking to my hotel, I stood over a bridge with a very nice light in the sky, but my camera was tucked deeply in the rucksack, so I decided to take a shot with the phone.

    Not expert at handling it (by the way G1 isn’t very handy for taking quick shots due to its keyboard, which is great makes iPhone and later Android users look like losers whenever they type an email… but I digress).

    It fell out of my hand and dropped almost in the river below. Fortunately, it stopped 1/2 inch short from the edge of the bridge. It has a nice “scar” in one of its corners now, as a Stockholm souvenir.

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