Now we know where our app is . . .

Posted by andrew February - 23 - 2010 - Tuesday

It’s in the store!readyforsale

We posted yesterday about iTouch My Friends and its time in Apple’s review process. Then later on that very day Apple got in touch with us and gave us some clear directions about how to fix our problems. This morning they got back in touch and let us know that they were working on pushing us through the review process, and just like that iTouch My Friends showed up in the app store!

There has been a lot of coverage about Apple’s app reviews recently, but we sincerely feel that they’ve done right by us here at Toga Pit. We wish they could have gotten in touch with us sooner, but when they did get to us they worked fast and gave us good instructions to get us into the store as soon as possible. The representative we spoke to on the phone yesterday & today was very helpful and willing to work with us to get things done.

But enough talk, we’ve got videos to make!

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